The first question that always comes up is:

“What is the responsibility of Management?”

Whatever business it may pertain to.

Presently we will stick to the automobile business.

Is it management job to downgrade salespeople? It has been my observation that most managers would rather say something negative to a salesperson, maybe they feel they are in control that way.

I have always thought that one of the manager’s primary responsibilities was to motivate the salesperson, whether it’s through the training process or during the sales process.

Threaten salespeople with comments like this,

  • “Before I go I will take a few of you with me.”
  • ” That’s not debatable, if you don’t like it you can leave now.”
  • “I will load the sales-floor with double the number of salespeople.”

The Sales Manager’s responsibility is for:

  • The Success of Their Salespeople – They are open to the opinions, the feelings, the fears and the strengths of their salespeople.

I have seen a lot of managers that have their favorite salesperson that can:

  • come in late,
  • take time off,
  • work their own schedule
  • hold vehicles without a deposit
  • and are always the first to get a lead (house deal) from management.

The good sales manager will not show favoritism to any particular salesperson. What is good for one is good for all. They are consistent with the policies and procedures set by upper-level management and ownership. Rewards are great when they are earned.